Past Updates

Past Updates . . .

God Willing and Blessing!

November 5th, 2020: The website is currently being constructed and new information is added every week. The goal of this website is to be like a wiki for The Fairy Penguinos with tons of backstory information, facts, art and more just for The Fairy Penguinos and fans to reference.

The music is being completed now. Release soon, God willing!
July 11: Fairy Penguinos on Threads now (better than Twitter I hope) @fairypenguinos!
July 6: Lil 'P's Dance Exercise Draft is complete. The last polishing of the final version will be performed to compile and render the full animation, add sound effects and  complete the music.
June 27: At 95% completion of LIL 'P'S DANCE EXERCISE ANIMATION!
June 17-18: Back from haitus to complete the rest of P Dance Exercise (the animation is around 6 MINUTES of Penguino animation!!)
June 10 - 17: Vacation Haitus - Back on June 18th, God Willing~
Watch preview here!
June 2, 2023: Lil 'P's Dance Exercise release this month (God willing)~!
May 21, 2023: Post-production phase of Lil 'P's Dance Exercise
May 14, 2023: ✨ We reached 70 subscribers on the Fairy Penguinos YouTube channel! At 100 subscribers, there'll definitely be an awesome artwork and message from Lil 'P and Bell! ✨
May 7, 2023: At last,  Lil 'P's Dance Exercise is nearing the finish line. It is a huge undertaking, but the Penguinos are excited for it to be released soon. The final production is in works and the schedule is it should be completed by the end of the month with release the first week of June. Fairy Penguinos hope!
April 25, 2023: Happy WORLD PENGUIN DAY!
April 20, 2023: A new update video! Sir P's animation speedpaint part I! Lil 'P shows how it's done~ Hard at work on Lil 'P's Dance Exercise which is why there hasn't been any new art, but there will be new spring art soon!
April 5, 2023: Lil 'P's Dance Exercise nearing completion  : Bell and Luther colouring to be completed
March 24, 2023: Bell's vtuber model is complete now! Moving flippers, too! The flippers will be added to Lil 'P's model as well when updated shortly, God willing
March 21, 2023: Lil 'P has new vtuber update video on Bell's hat physics rigging~
March 3, 2023:  Lil 'P's Dance Exercise lineart is complete ... over 6000 hand drawn frames ... 💪  
March 1, 2023: Happy March! Spring is in the air. The Fairy Penguinos think Lil 'P's Dance Exercise will finally come out this month!!!
February 22, 2023: We found a new better website to post Fairy Penguino art and more! Check out Fairy Penguinos on ARTFOL~
February 19, 2023: Lil 'P's Dance Exercise is nearing it's last step in being completed!~
Also, the promo art of Episode 5: Contact is done and all promo art of every episode up to now is complete!
The Gallery section is getting larger and cluttered, so I will be organizing Fairy Penguinos art in different categories now 🎨 
February 17, 2023: The Fairy Penguinos Twitter is back to being updated.
February 14, 2023: Happy Valentine's Day from Fairy Penguinos~!💟
February 8, 2023: Lil 'P  has a winter update on the state of everything out now!
February 2, 2023: I wrote a new Medium article after a few months. Check it out! It's about the Joker Tribe
February 1, 2023: Two new VTuber videos in work  - Winter update video will be released end of this week, God willing, and Lil 'P is making a statement on AI for humeens.  I have also put a disclaimer at the bottom of the footer here  stating, "All artwork, concepts and writing on this website are NOT AI generated". With the proliferation of AI across all industries throughout the world, I think it's important to note this. Thank you for all understanding.

January 17, 2023: New winter art for Fairy Penguinos
Winter video update coming soon~
January 3, 2023: The Fairy Penguinos HQ has moved from 🇺🇸 ➡️ 🇬🇧
The move is complete and Fairy Penguinos PC has been set up. Ready to continue animating and updating. The Penguinos almost LOST the Google account, which had everything important, but fortunately had it set up on the phone still, so it was possible to log in! Be careful when moving and having 2FA on!

November 28, 2022: I made new artwork of Penguinos, holiday feast!
November 17, 2022: New Medium article is up on Builder Tribe, and Lil 'P's Dance Exercise sketch is COMPLETE. Now, lineart and colouring!!! Then video put together and it will be complete. CAN I FINISH BEFORE EOY?
November 8, 2022: The merchandise page was updated with real photo of Bell's t-shirt!
November 8, 2022: The Penguinos voted today!
Added new update gif to the Past Updates page and included a Vtuber gif at the bottom of the front page.
November 5, 2022: Many updates! First, we have Count von Peecula, Lil 'P's Halloween costume, in the newest Update #2 video! Secondly, we have a Twitter page again.  @fairypenguinos! Just for us! Also changed the Instagram handle from
penguincubo --> fairypenguinos!
October 27, 2022: The Fairy Penguinos Update #1 video is live with Lil 'P presenting in the new Lil 'P vtuber model! It's still a prototype model but I have a write-up on that on Medium soon.
October 18, 2022: I received the new webcam in the mail yesterday, so now Lil 'P can do update videos! I also drew new picture of the Fairy Penguinos character circles. This is for inside the brochure that will be handed out in conventions!
October 12, 2022: New social media account on I thought about making a new Twitter account but the Fairy Penguinos hate Twitter, so we went on Minds and it seems okay so far!
October 12, 2022: I hesitated, but I bought a new webcam for  Lil 'P's vtube model. My laptop doesn't work. Hopefully by next week we'll see something!
October 11, 2022: I noticed through using levels in Photoshop that a lot of the art has some varying brush strokes and even white pixels around eyes, so I have been fixing up all painted artwork and promo art. I've already replaced many and will be finishing the rest and uploading as I go.
October 9, 2022: I am testing out Lil 'P's Vtuber model now with camera tracking. Then I can make a video to show! Hope it goes all well.

October 4, 2022: I update Luther's bio a little bit, and on the bear pj's!
September 23, 2022: The  Dance Exercise video is going smoothly God willing. Make sure to check out the Medium for the updates! I've also been working on Lil 'P as a VTUBER.  (Finally got the hang of the program) This way Lil 'P will make update videos and more!!!
September 12, 2022: Promo art of Lil 'P Dance Exercise has been uploaded. Exciting to finish the animation!
I will be making RU subtitles for Fairy Penguinos episodes. (I am bilingual so that's why I chose Russian) They'll be added to the existing YouTube videos and  will be uploaded to Rutube . Also will be uploading the Penguinos to Vimeo.

September 5, 2022: After long decision of thinking, I won't use TikTok to post Fairy Penguinos because I prefer Medium. The format of TikTok is not suitable to horizontal videos and the Fairy Penguinos must be enjoyed in more than 5-10 second clips. Let's support longer videos-higher quality instead of quantity and lower content.

September 2, 2022: Happy September!  I can feel fall in the air.
I updated the character's page and fixed the weight and height of the  Penguinos. They're taller and the weight  makes a little more sense now.

August 29, 2022: I forgot to mention I made a Medium page

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July 25, 2022: New artwork for Episode 4 P-nglish! 1 more promo art to go
July 21, 2022: The Tribe Symbols page is complete for all main character Penguinos. I added Diver and Nurser tribe symbol!
July 11, 2022: I made new Fairy Penguino Facts #5 art!
July 10, 2022: Added new information on Penguino Cuisines under Life!
July 4th, 2022: Happy 4th of July and Episode 3 of The Fairy Penguinos of the Round released finally!
June 28, 2022: More new art and updated art of Episode 3. (regular series)
May 1st, 2022:  Happy May 1st everyone! New art. Episode 3 of the Round is nearly complete. Final editing and it's ready.
April 25th, 2022: New Fairy Penguinos facts art. They'll be posted on social media to help spread the info on Fairy Penguinos.
March 31st, 2022: I updated the Tribes page. Builder, Magick and Joker tribe symbols now available for viewing. Next to be done are Nursers and Divers, God willing!
March 28th, 2022: Fairy Penguinos now has TikTok! Selected animations, process art and more will be posted weekly!
March 12th, 2022: Captain MS (Captain of Mothership) NFT is complete. With the 5th NFT completion, the first set of NFTs will be available for purchase soon!
March 7, 2022: There's not much left else to do to finish up Episode 3 of FPoTR! I also added a "song" section. Fairy Penguinos, anthems and songs will be added there.
February 16, 2022: Updated the gallery page with the equipment Luther, Sir P and Bell use in FPoTR!
February 1, 2022: I finished #2 Space Penguino NFT : Outer Defense Cruiser! I also updated the episode 1 and 2 page to add the promo art and added the background summary on FPoTR Ep 1.
January 30, 2022: New Space Penguino NFT drawn: SECOND IN COMMAND! See below!
January 9, 2022: NFT Space Penguino Collection start soon!
January 2, 2022: Happy New Year, Fairy Penguinos fans! Ep 3 of FPOTR will be finished soon! Currently drawing the scenes and colouring them!

December 16, 2021: New page, NFTS, is up. Collections in works.
December 5, 2021: Added banners for each episode page
December 5, 2021: Episode 5 page is complete! About time O_O
December 4, 2021: I added some new GIFs to a few pages and screenshots and wrote up on Fairy Penguinos Episode 4: Pnglish!
December 3, 2021: The Fairy Penguinos of the Round: Episode 3 is currently being worked on. Hope it comes out by the end of the year!
November  10, 2021: Fairy Penguinos of the Round: Episode 2 is complete! Watch it!
November 7, 2021: Fairy Penguinos of the Round: Episode 2 page has been updated with background information!
October 28, 2021 The haitus is over  God willing. Episode 2 of Fairy Penguinos of the Round will be released shortly. New artwork!
September 13, 2021  The Fairy Penguinos are under a small haitus but they are still being worked on! I am pitching the Penguinos idea! New artwork added~
June 10, 2021 I updated the glossary
June 6, 2021  New Penguino art!
June 1st, 2021 The first episode of the Fairy Penguinos of the Round is up!
May 15th, 2021
Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3 TRIPLE WHAMMY Summaries are up!
May 14th, 2021
I'm writing the summaries of each episode that's been released so far. Check it out! Episode 1 of The Fairy Penguinos of the Round to be coming out by Sunday or Monday God Willing!
May 4th, 2021
The first three episodes of Fairy Penguinos of the Round have been set!
Check it out here!
May 3rd, 2021
Tyco's promo art is complete. All Penguino promo art is complete!
Fairy Penguinos of the Round Episode 2 - Fetch Quest
Tyco VTuber Debut
Let's Watch and Draw Luther; Gurry Parts 1 and 2
April, 2021:
April 20th, 2021
I finished Gurry's promo art. Just need to do Tyco's now! God willing!~
I also uploaded the final part 3 of Bell's Let Watch + Draw promo art.
Check it out here!
April 11th, 2021
Gallery page has been updated with brand new artwork of Luther on the Gallery banner!
March, 2021:
March 30th, 2021
The medieval RPG Fairy Penguinos (no official name yet ... ) is in the works. Episodes 1, 2 and 3 will be released in succession! Please enjoy the Medieval RPG Penguinos!
Glossary has been updated with definitions of commonly used terms in Fairy Penguinos!
March  14th, 2021
Luther Promo art is complete!  
March 8th, 2021
Merchandise page is up with some merchandise being made!
Check out what is coming up!
Lets Watch + Draw 04 Bell Part 2 Out!
Episodes page is finally up!
March 7th, 2021:
Fairy Penguinos of the Round art up!
March 4th, 2021:
Tyco's  page has some new information!
February, 2021:
Episode 5 Release Tyco Valentine's Art - Pulp Culture Bell Artwork - 
January, 2021:
January 17th, 2021: New info written up on Huts!
January 9th, 2021: Episode 05 is reaching the finish line. Tyco's character page is up! Check out Tyco's profile~

December 30th, 2020: Huts page is up! It's still being worked on but you can learn a bit about the Fairy Penguino's dwellings!
December 29th, 2020: Bell's promo art is complete!
December 14th, 2020: The Glossary Page is up. New terms are being added - dictionary definitions!
December 9th, 2020: Gurry's bio page is up! Learn more about Gurry.
December 1st, 2020: New promo art of Lil 'P and in heart sweater! Video of the art process (YouTube) on my Let's Watch + Draw video here!
November 4th, 2020: Lil 'P, Bell and Luther's character profiles UP! 🌟
November 2020: Episode 5 of The Fairy Penguinos is underway with the first animated sketches being created. I'm having trouble with animating splashes of water but I hope to get over this setback by studying frames of real splashes of water!~
October 31, 2020: Check out A Count von Peecula 4Koma! A 5 part comic - Lil 'P dresses up as Count von Peecula and wants to be the scariest in the Costume Scare!