Weather or Not

The OP

The first episode of The Fairy Penguinos!

In Weather or Not, we are introduced to Lil 'P, Bell and Luther. This evening, Luther is hanging out Lil 'P's hut playing with the favourite Globe that has the constellations they see in New Zealand's night sky. Luther made this Globe with big plans and wants to make a weather and constellation show to display the importance of the night sky. Bell has seen the Globe lately and thinks that the Globe will help with one of Bell's invention projects.

Bell wants Luther's globe!

While Luther is imagining the awesome show that they might put on, with the Globe in full display, Bell steps in and takes away Luther's dream and steals the Globe! Bell really wants the Globe for the invention that Bell hasn't even told the Penguinos about. What is Bell up to?

News Anchor Luther

Some hibiscus tea will make everything better

The trio decided to look at some photos in one of Lil 'P's photobooks before they went to bed. Lil 'P likes to look at flowers and nature and they remark at how each flower reminds them of each of them. Big hug and good night!

Lil 'P has finally came back from gathering some hibiscus flowers to make some tea for Bell and Luther. Meanwhile, Bell's been playing with the Globe. Luther is really sad. But Lil 'P asks Bell why Bell took it away from Luther and convinces Bell to give it back to Luther. Bell will be more patient from now on!