Gurry loves tea!

In Episode 5: Contact, Bell is wanting to use the P-Quency Machine to its fullest potential ... by contacting the aliens! Quite some time ago, Bell was walking along the beach when a humeen flyer for an Alien Convention washed up. There was a drawing of a green alien and a (to Bell's perspective) spaceship. So Bell put two and two together: maybe Bell can communicate with some space aliens to help them get out of Earth!

It's night and Bell has the P-Quency Machine with the instructions. Like usual, Bell can't read the instructions because Bell gets excited writing them down that it turns into chicken scratch.

Is that the alien convention flyer that Bell took by mistake ... ?

The P-Quency Machine frequency is helping light up constellations to form a coordinate system!


But Bell perseveres. The frequency machines are working as Bell is seeing constellations light up in the night sky! Bell: "The P-Quency Machine is mapping out the coordinates!" These coordinates are what the Fairy Penguinos believe will help them find their way out once in space. Bell thinks doing it now will also help get in contact with other beings that can help them. Unfortunately, Bell forgot what the signs of contact were ...

But then, Tyco appears! Tyco was busy doing a nightly dive but scared Bell a little bit. Tyco's a close cousin to Bell. During the nightly dive, Tyco was able to find a pauapaua pearl. Tyco wonders what Bell is doing and suggests the pearl Tyco found can help Bell.

Bell is disappointed with the efforts today. Tyco then notices an event occurring in the night sky and tells Bell. Both the P-Quency Machine and the pauapaua pearl are glowing, however Bell and Tyco are too enthralled by what's happening! There's a triangle UFO performing a light show! "First contact, success!"

The triangle UFO is making contact!

End of Season 1