The Fairy Penguinos are going to have NFT collections! They find NFTs really interesting. Check back later for more details!

Space Penguino Collection

The Space Penguino Collection is the first Fairy Penguinos NFT Collection. There will be over 10 NFTs to collect. The Space Penguino collection is comprised of jobs Fairy Penguinos do in their space ships, titles, ranks and more.


#1: Space Cruiser Penguino
#2: Outer Defense Penguino Cruiser
#4 Second in Command
#5 Captain MS
More to come~

Space Penguino #2
Outer Defense Cruiser

Space Penguino #4
Second in Command

Space Penguino #5
Captain MS

Penguino Tribe Collection

Collection of all tribe badges/symbols and all Fairy Penguino tribe members!