What's Cooking?

Lil 'P hears Bell coming in!

In Episode 2, What's Cooking? Lil 'P invites Bell and Luther over for a little feast. Lil 'P has a whole day ahead for preparing this feast. There's buckets of white fish, tea will be brewing shortly, towels strewn around for clean up, earthenware and utensils, Penguino made, ready to be used for the meal! The cauldron on rock wheels is ready to be heated up to cook up a fish soup as well. But Lil 'P doesn't get overwhelmed by this. Lil 'P has prepared so many feasts in the past during their stay in New Zealand, that Lil 'P barely sweats it.

Bell makes it earlier than Luther and notices Lil 'P hasn't even started the fire for the cauldron. Lil 'P simply tells Bell to be patient. In Lil 'P's thinking, doing things slowly but carefully is the best way! Lil 'P doesn't want to eat before Luther's arrived anyways. Luther is supposed to be bringing over some fruit meal Luther's prepared.

In Act II, Lil 'P changes into Chef P and gives the recipe for the White Fish Sandwich the Penguinos love to eat. It's a simple recipe that anyone can follow to make it easily!

Spoon whack! (not too hard of course)

Chef P here is showing how to make a white fish sandwich

"Patience, Bell!"

Later that evening, it's already night and Lil 'P and Bell are waiting on Luther. Luther hasn't arrived yet and Bell is getting impatient. Bell is so impatient that while Lil 'P is waiting patiently, thinking Lil 'P is really just bored and zoning out, Bell goes in to grab a piece of citrus. But Lil 'P immediately notices and reprimands Bell!

Fortunately, Luther finally arrives. Bell is relieved. Bell didn't think that they'd ever eat their little feast dinner. Luther has brought a little plate with the fruit meal. Lil 'P wants to help Luther because Lil 'P knows Luther is a little clumsy at times especially wearing those big loose bear pajamas all the time, but Luther insists that it's all right. Just as Lil 'P suspected, while Luther walks over to the feast table, Luther's bear pajamas get caught on Luther's feet and Luther trips, dropping the fruit meal all over the floor. But Lil 'P, Bell and Luther enjoy their feast anyways since there's tons of food and they surely salvaged some of the fruit meal!

Luther's bear PJs are loose, so it's no wonder
Luther trips all the time