Age: 703

Birth Planet:

Sun sign: ♈ Aries

Tribe: Diver

Height: 2'3"

Weight: 6.3 lb

Colour: Lavender

Eye colour: Lavender


Hobbies and activities: Diving at night, surfing

Things: Pearls, rocks, gem stones

Food: Jellied sweets

First appearance: Episode 05: Contact

Tyco's Bio

Tyco is a tiny Fairy Penguino from the Diver Tribe. Like all Divers, Tyco is small in order to maneuver quickly in waters and escape any danger. Tyco is close cousins to Bell and the Magick Tribe.


Tyco is a lavender colour with a cream body instead of the average light white-blue feathers that most Fairy Penguinos have. Tyco has big tufts of feather on top of their head and has a large cowlick/ahoge that tends to curl inward and flop with every movement Tyco makes.

Tyco's eyebrows are darker and don't match the same colour as Tyco's lavender coloured fur, which is a small peculiarity in Penguino genes, but it's no cause for concern. It's like having a widow's peak or dimples.

Tyco is one of the smaller sized Fairy Penguinos, which are not as common as the general size of a Fairy Penguino. This is simply a variation in the development of a Fairy Penguino within the egg and is no cause of concern other than they might not be able to reach as easily as other Fairy Penguinos.


Tyco is extremely outgoing and doesn't hesitate to say what's on their mind. Just like Bell, Tyco's always moving but in a more sporty way, raring to unleash the massive amounts of energy stored. Although Tyco is built for energetic activities, Tyco will get bored or overwhelmed if there's too much going on at once and will retreat to conserve energy.

When Tyco does manage to take a break, which is usually in the afternoon as Tyco gets pretty sleepy then, Tyco likes to eat jelly sweets, take naps and hang out at the beach shore, taking in the air of the sea.

Tyco's energetic nature can sometimes exhaust other Penguinos around, causing a ripple effect back to Tyco wanting to take a respite, too, after realizing all that release of energy is getting to be a bit too much. When Tyco gets this way, Tyco has some serious downtime. Those who aren't familiar with Tyco's personality can be alarmed at first in this change of behaviour but they easily get used to it because Tyco retains warmness and awareness of how others are feeling.

If Tyco has a lazy day and doesn't feel like diving or doesn't need to, Tyco also likes surfing on the waves.

Tyco's pauapaua pearl from Episode 5: Contact. It has become a favourite of Tyco's now as it became a receptor for alien communication!

Pauapaua Pearl

Tyco's favourite object to dive and search for in New Zealand waters are the paua pearls. Tyco calls them pauapaua pearls, which is part of Penguino accent in mimicking human speech. When Tyco finds one, if Tyco has enough magick, Tyco can easily turn the shell into a pearl quickly. After diving, Tyco stashes it away to later work on polishing it further, and adding Fairy Penguino magick to it. Tyco's magick abilities aren't as strong as Bell's, but Tyco uses objects to boost the power by placing some of Tyco's power inside the pearl, which is a great receptor for magick and growth of magick power, and then performing small rituals to boost the power. Tyco and other Divers and Fairy Penguinos with imbuement skills can use these objects to increase magickal output or use them as a channeling device. Out of all the stones, shells and other objects in New Zealand environment, Tyco finds the paua shells to be the best to work with, plus Tyco likes the colours. The colours of the paua are pleasing to the Fairy Penguinos living on New Zealand and they incorporate these colours into their hut decor. When Tyco goes back to the Whirlpool Galaxy, Tyco will be sure to bring a few live pauas and maybe grow them on their planet safely.

Tyco looking at the Pauapaua pearl from Fairy Penguinos Episode 5: Contact

Tyco's Hut

Check back later for Tyco's hut!