The Fairy Penguinos Bell Purple Magical Penguin Promo Art by ACE Illust.

Age: Around 585 years old

Birth Planet:

Sun sign: ♌ Leo

Tribe: Magick

Height: 3'5"

Weight: 15.7 lb

Colour: Lavender

Eye colour: Purple


Hobbies and activities: Tracking aliens, star viewing, inventing, laying down

Things: Moon, Antennas

First appearance: Episode 01: Weather or Not

Bell's Bio

Bell is a Fairy Penguino who lives in the Fairy Penguino Tribe of New Zealand as part of the research mission. Bell is from the Magick Tribe, who are known to be the strongest wielders of magick and can even remote view if they are blessed with further magickal power.


Bell is a little chubbier than their friends, Luther and Lil ‘P, weighing at nearly sixteen pounds. Bell is also slightly taller than Lil ‘P and Luther. Bell wears their favorite hat, Antennas, which is a light purple cap and bells hat with a yellow star pattern and furry trim around the base. At each end are two antennas (not balls or bells). Bell loves this hat dearly and has been wearing it since it was made during their time on Earth (originally to keep Bell's head warm).

In Episode 3, Bell's Blueprints, Bell wears a dark navy shirt with a symbol of an alien with an outreached arm, the word ALIEN in Fairy Penguino writing, as well as the structure of Helium above ALIEN. Bell wears this shirt whenever they are studying on aliens, space and tinkering with the P-quency machine.

Bell also has to wear glasses at time. They are a bright green, like the colour of aliens (Bell thinks aliens that come to Earth are bright green). Bell has seen photos of humeens who wear glasses while working on space projects, so Bell believes this will improve understanding of the humeen world and aliens.


Bell is a very intelligent Fairy Penguino, but all Fairy Penguinos are intelligent by nature. But one thing that sets Bell apart from the rest is the quirkiness they portray. Bell is a part of the Magick Tribe and they are quite the curious tribe of Fairy Penguinos as they have a strong talent to remote view from very far away. Bell can remote view but being on Earth hampers the ability to the point Bell and other Fairy Penguinos are stuck with remote viewing on Earth at limited distances.

Bell also likes to invent and experiment. Always curious, Bell wants to figure out how something works. Bell loves to have many projects such as the Marshmallow Car and eventually the spaceship (but that will be a joint effort by all Fairy Penguinos, spearheaded by the older Fairy Penguinos).

Bell has sort of an obsessive nature especially on discovering the green aliens, ever since Bell saw that ALIEN CONVENTION flyer wash up on shore (that was a year or so when The Fairy Penguinos had settled on Earth for their researching purposes; see The Fairy Penguinos 4-Koma #2 Bell and Episode 5). Being that the Fairy Penguinos are aliens themselves to the planet Earth and Bell's group (The Southern and Northern Hemisphere Penguinos) is specifically space explorers, they are always ready to discover, observe and maybe sometimes to communicate and meet with foreign beings. Bell is constantly excited to learn new things about the green aliens.

Bell's P-quency machine from Episode 3 of the Fairy Penguinos, Bell's Blueprints

P-quency Machine

A colour spectrum communication device

To try to communicate with the aliens, Bell made the P-quency machine which uses the colour spectrum to send electric waves to a coordinate system Bell has created in the sky using remote view powers (the distance is very short, however and not high). Luther and Lil 'P aren't convinced that any green aliens exist anywhere near Earth, or exist at all, as they seem to be a humeen imagination, so they don't take Bell very seriously.

Bell's Hut

Just like Bell's personality, Bell's hut conveys it in real-time. Bell has a mixture of dark purple, reds, greens, light blues and lavenders everywhere. While Lil 'P's hut is very consistent, Bell's is everywhere. In the main living room of the hut, there is a wide, beautiful tapestry of the Milky Way Galaxy and fish symbols throughout the stars. Bell loves the tapestry so much and takes very good care of it.

Bell likes comfort and many pillows, so Bell's pillows are always very stuffed and fluffy.

The Fairy Penguinos Bell's interior hut living room side by ACE Illust.

Bell's interior facing the living room

Bell has the work desk which the legs are carved in a fish motif. This desk was built by the Penguinos of the Builder Tribe. Bell specifically wanted fish legs, but it's not an uncommon design either. As seen in Episode 3, Bell's desk is just the right height to simply sit down on a pillow and begin work.

Bell's favorite flowers to put on furniture is a white bell flower. The white bell flower provides light during the night, a relaxing white light Bell favors. Lil 'P enjoys coming over to Bell's to deliver some white flowers Lil 'P finds occasionally when wandering around the Penguino gardens.

Front view of Bell's desk with marshmallow mixture

Above is a close-up view of Bell's desk. Stars are carved on the sides of the desk. Bell takes that bowl and spoon everywhere. The spoon is a green alien spoon with the symbol of the alien that Bell has drafted.

Bell also has an easel so that the blueprints or other inventions can be placed for easy viewing. The project Bell currently works on is always on the easel. So when Bell was working on the P-quency machine, the diagrams for the P-quency machine were on the easel and so on.