Ship Fleet Details

Motherships are the main traveling vehicle that Fairy Penguinos use to travel through the Plane System. Other classes of ships in the fleet are "cruisers" which stay in the solar system and are rented out to groups of Penguinos who need short bursts of traveling.


Cruisers are smaller than Motherships and can only go a small distances rather than galaxy hopping like the (name of ship) and certainly can't travel through galaxy clusters like Motherships can. Cruisers are lightweight and hold less than seven Penguinos in the central hub of the ship and are quick enough to visit every planet in the solar system in less than a day. Many Penguinos use Cruisers for traveling between one planet for moving, meetings, traveling and space excursions. These ships usually can go throughout the solar system, but are not built to travel outside of the solar system because their delicate nature, size would be easy targets for outer solar system threats. Although quick enough to visit every planet in the Penguino's solar system In the center of a Cruiser is a circular disk rotating through the ship's activity, providing the energy for the ship to operate.