Magick and Psychic Penguins

Fairy Penguinos have magickal and psychic abilities.
Every Penguino is born with different abilities and strength of ability, but they all have a mix of many different types so there is no worry for who is superior or inferior as every Penguino is fairly balanced. Learn more in: Tribes


Fairy Penguinos have an innate admiration and want for a community. They are able to create an environment in which every Penguino benefits from the other. With strict rules on who does what while keeping some independency and free time for each Penguino, the entire Fairy Penguino society is able to create a welcome and warm environment in which every Penguino does not go without, and is not lonely or left to fend for themselves. The Penguinos have been able to survive due to this trait. Unlike other species around the universe, the Penguinos would have never been able to develop their society if they had just created an "every Fairy Penguino for themselves", which this belief is pervasive in the entire universe. This thinking is utterly alien to the Fairy Penguinos. However, they are fascinated by it and study this type of trait. Learn more in: Tribes, Life

Food and Dining

Food is loved amongst Fairy Penguinos. It's what gives them the energy to help get through the day, but it also connects them with one another because it means sharing as a community and feeding one another. Penguinos love to invite each other over for meal times during working breaks or after the day is over to relax, play games while eating or simply enjoy a good meal.

Every hut has a cauldron and other cooking accessories. So, every Penguino knows how to cook (but it doesn't mean they're all great chefs either!).


The diet of Fairy Penguinos on all their planets consist of mostly plants (vegetables included), fruits, berries, juices, water, wheats, flowers and some oceanic meats. With such a variety of foods on each planet (every planet grows different species) the Fairy Penguinos have a plethora of dishes. There's even planetary cuisines because of such large variety. Lil 'P sticks to the cuisine Lil 'P grew up with, but for example, because Tyco and Bell moved to Lil 'P's planet, they both enjoy cooking their home planet and their resident planet's cuisine. Many Penguinos who move around are like this.
A staple in the daily diet of Fairy Penguinos is flower drinks, specifically teas from flowers. All cuisines have flower teas for daily meal times. The tea helps clear the mind and any impurities that could cause Penguino's magick powers to falter or prevent them from resting fully to reenergize for the next day. Teas also help with upset stomachs, which Fairy Penguinos are prone to.

Fairy Penguinos love to eat meals together in their huts!

Cauldron Cooking

The cauldron is the main cooking tool Fairy Penguinos use. Hot rocks and a small table with wheels (anything round will do for wheels; in New Zealand, the Penguinos stationed here use rocks) heated keep the cauldron warm for food that must be cooked. Every cauldron has a heat activated star. When the cauldron is cooling or cooled off, the cauldron glows, but when it's hot, the star does not glow.