The huts are where every Fairy Penguino makes their home. Wherever they go, journeying across galaxies, they make their huts on every planet they temporarily stay at. The huts are very quick and efficient to build, perfect for when the Fairy Penguinos are on a mission. 

The Fairy Penguinos don't have a word for their huts, but rather they telepathically convey the meaning and feeling of their hut whenever they bring it up. For Fairy Penguinos, the hut is such an integral part of their culture and society that it's a part of them and beyond any word. No word can describe how 


The huts of Fairy Penguinos are very similar to Turkish yurts and Mongolian gers. Both use an expanding lattice framework and bent roof poles. In the case of Fairy Penguinos, they have curved roof poles, so their huts are rounded at the top rather than slanted. Entry into the hut is not through a door but use of a tapestry with a slit in the center. Each tapestry "door" is handmade to the inhabitants of the hut's liking. Common motifs on the Southern Hemisphere Fairy Penguino's tapestry doors are stars, the Earth moon, fish, wind, bubbles, ocean, the universe. For the Northern Hemisphere group, it was bears, eagles, horses, mountains, stars, the Earth moon, fire and earth. Lastly, the tapestry doors hang from the top of a horizontal pole that they are attached to. Weights are in the material and thus the tapestry never blows during a particular high wind. 

The roof is covered with organic resources the Fairy Penguinos then mix with their alchemy spells to get the thatch-esque roofs. The Builder Tribe then constructs the roof by placing this material, clumping it together, on the top of the roof. It dries easily in a few days from the heat of the sun and turns into a straw like appearance. For decoration, the Builders like to place large, hanging local leaves from the environment on top of the roof.

Fairy Penguinos Huts sketch

Living Quarters

How many dwellers reside in a hut depends on the group. In the Southern Hemisphere Research Group, each Fairy Penguino has their own hut. But on the Fairy Penguinos home planet, the bigger the hut, the more dwellers. In constrained areas, Fairy Penguinos will conserve space by building a minimal amount of dwellings. 

Fairy Penguinos keep their huts neat and orderly. Inside the hut contains a living room, a small kitchen area; cabinets, dressers and drawers encircling the hut; tapestries; threads installed near the roof to, for example, hang clothes, dry flowers and herbs. Fairy Penguinos sleep in the living room, near the wall by their centerpiece tapestry. When guests come over, a Fairy Penguino will lay neatly many pillows and stacked blankets for the guests to freely use during their stay. This is a gesture of welcomeness and "my home is your home", communal sharing. 

The huts contain a flap at the top where they can pull a small rope in which a flap opens and closes, letting smoke out during cooking. All Fairy Penguinos keep their pots outside of their dwelling in the backside of their hut. For the Research Group, they improvised and made a rolling rock pot in which they can easily roll from outside to inside. 

Some Fairy Penguinos aren't always neat, such as in Luther's dwelling. Luther tries to keep their hut clean but Luther has trouble keeping the rugs from sliding all over the place. Lil 'P and Gurry usually come over to help out Luther. Whenever there's a cleaning day, the Fairy Penguinos make sure to have a lot of fun and then drink a few glasses of tea before heading off for dinner or to take a nap, if they started early in the day.