Luther want to make a mock weather show just like the humeens. Luther wants to use Luther's favourite Globe with constellations on it, but Bell has other plans for it!

Lil 'P is preparing a big dinner. Lil 'P wants to show you how to make a tasty white fish sandwich!

Beginning the journey to get back to the Mothership, Bell teaches Lil 'P and Luther about the importance of blueprints, a humeen invention.

Gurry debut! Gurry joins in on helping the trio to make it back to the Mothership. Gurry teaches Lil 'P, Bell and Luther "P-nglish", a variation of humeen English and their language to understand the science behind Earth in order to get into space!

Bell tries to make contact with the aliens with the P-quency machine, thinking they might just help the Fairy Penguinos in New Zealand to make contact with the Mothership. Tyco debuts!

Into the dark void! Lil 'P, Bell and Luther were just cruising around in space in one of their cruisers until they get sucked into a fantasy world! They need to help the world out but also find a way out!

Fairy Penguinos
of the Round Episode 2
~ Embarking on a Fetch Quest ~

Sir P (Lil 'P), Bell and Luther have been staying in the library since they arrived in the Town of Anemone from being thrown into the void. 

Sir 'P (Lil 'P), Luther and Bell have arrived at the Anemone Cavern (also known as Seaside Cavern) to begin the quest of the missing pearl.

Lil 'P wants to share an exercise and supernova dance that Lil 'P has come up with! Energize your body and keep up with the beat!