Whirlpool Galaxy. Possible location of star system the Fairy Penguinos live in, red circle lower right

original photo credit A Classic Beauty; NASA


Estimated by humeens to be 23-30 million light years away lies a galaxy known as the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51/NGC5194). One of the first galaxies to be illustrated and spotted, and a galaxy easily observable with binoculars, the Whirlpool Galaxy is a large spiral galaxy sharing a place in space with its companion galaxy, M51b/NGC5195. In this galaxy lies a multitude of life forms, and is the home of the Fairy Penguinos.

The possible location of the Fairy Penguinos is on the galaxy's upper arm (red circle to the left), which is interacting with M51b and the same arm in which a supernova was spotted back in 2011. The Penguinos solar system is quite far away from both but we can't be certain what it might be near either!

How long have the Fairy Penguinos lived in the Whirlpool Galaxy?

The Whirlpool Galaxy is estimated to be a much younger galaxy relative to the Milky Way and other famous galaxies, being only around 400 million years old. Earth is 4.5 billion years old, so how can intelligent life forms develop quickly on a galaxy like this? Theories abound and it might not be farfetched to think that different types of intelligent life forms can develop at different rates in different parts of the universe. Another theory held by the current Fairy Penguino inhabitants of the galaxy are that their ancestors migrated to this galaxy from much farther away to avoid the darkness of the universe's expansion. It's a long time debate among the Whirlpoolian Fairy Penguinos. Regardless, the Fairy Penguinos recorded their life on this home at around 1,753,000 years~.

Solar System

Deep in the Whirlpool Galaxy, the Fairy Penguinos make their home on a few planets in the solar system (insert symbols of the solar system, not name).
There are four main planets that they all live in, in peace. They all can communicate quite easily from such distances when they go to the large telepathy booths.
Furthermore, when it comes to trade, the freightships are quick and can transport goods between the planets in a few days (Freight ships make sure not to go too fast because the quicker they go, the more turbulence the universe can push back on the ships and thus causing higher percentage of lost goods).

Most of the planets in the solar system Fairy Penguinos reside in are habitable, but of course have varying planetary environments.
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The first settlers of Fairy Penguinos made the first planet they voyaged to, (Planet name), as their home planet. After centuries of stabilized living, they were able to move on to the other planets to discover, research and make settlements on.