Bell's Blueprints


In Episode 3, Bell's Blueprints, Bell is ready to unveil the first invention that Bell's been working on! The Marshmallow Car~

It's night and Bell is diligently planning out the Marshmallow Car. Bell has the blueprint right next to the desk, along with some of the marshmallow substance that Lil 'P brewed up in the cauldron, sitting, being studied intensely by Bell. Bell is in the groove, sporting alien green circular glasses and Bell's favourite alien t-shirt.

But as Bell is deeply studying, Luther bumbles in, throwing off Bell's concentration, like usual. Bell does a little magickal flux with Antennas. Stars whirl around Luther but it doesn't really phase Luther and Luther simply enjoys the warm sparkles.
Lil 'P shortly enters, apologizing for Luther. Lil 'P and Bell were taking a night walk through the tribe and Luther got carried away and decided to troll Bell a little bit.

That's what they mean by weak magick ...

Bell loves explaining the machinations whirling inside that mind

What the Penguinos see Humeen spaceships really looking like (like toys compared to Motherships)

Lil 'P asks about Bell's blueprints. Bell lights up and immediately explains with a fish themed pointer. Bell believes that since the blueprints are used by humeens to go into space, then this is what the Fairy Penguinos should use to get back into space and make contact with the Mothership (since Fairy Penguino magick is limited on Earth and can't be used in far distances) while they're confined to the rules of Earth physics. First they should make something simple for Earth to get the hang of Earth oriented inventions, so Bell devised the Marshmallow Car.

While Bell is explaining all of this, Luther eyes the P-quency machine and tries to play with it.

The Marshmallow Car would let them travel quickly from place to place (even though they don't travel very far away), it's protective and the mechanics involved in creating the Marshmallow Car would be Earth equivalent to the Whirlpoolian Mothership fleets. The Fairy Penguinos would also be able to use some of their limited magick to keep the Marshmallow Car heat proof, preventing it from melting, similar to the effects used on Motherships and other Fairy Penguino ships to prevent their ships from becoming fireballs.

Bell has convinced Lil 'P and Luther, but Lil 'P remarks that there is still much more work to do. Fairy Penguinos never rest!

Lil 'P is just tired and wants to go to bed!

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