Fan Member Card

Coming soon will be a Fan Member Card! The design is under construction but that's the prototype to the left. Everyone who joins the Patreon will receive their own Fan Member Card.  These will also be available at conventions. The Fan Member Card comes in 5 different styles: Bell, Lil 'P, Luther, Tyco and Gurry. You have space to write your name and address plus your favourite thing or anything else you like. Your number will be randomly generated. Fan Member Card can be used for $3 discount on all items $5 up (Discount not available on third-party sites)
Each card comes with a protective case and pin, so you can pin it on your shirt or bag when you go to conventions without harming the card! (When conventions open up again)
If you want your own Fan Member card now, please request here! (Not available at the time. Check later!)
Note: When filling out member card survey your e-mail will be on Fairy Penguino list. I do not sell e-mails or give out information. All survey information is encrypted.
Will be available at Fairy Penguino convention booths. 


Bell's Alien T  is coming out soon. There will be unisex sizes from size Small to XXLG! The shirt is a dark navy with the design of the purple alien and the helium atom. Material is 100% Cotton. Will be available at Fairy Penguino convention booths. 

Here is what the t-shirts look like! They look black in this photo but the camera used wasn't the clearest. It's a comfy and soft, high quality dark navy t-shirt and the colours are really well printed!

Posters + Prints

How can you go wrong with giant Fairy Penguinos on your walls or in a frame? They will be your space guardians even in your home! The following posters will be made available:

Fairy Penguinos of the Round Promo Poster
Pulp Culture Bell
Character Promo Art
Fairy Penguinos of the Round RPG Class (horizontal)

And more to come!
Will be available at Fairy Penguino convention booths. 


The following will be available at Fairy Penguino convention booths:
Fabric bags (hand sewn)