Age: Around 537 years old

Birth Planet: 

Sun sign:  ♐ Sagittarius 

Tribe: Builder

Height: 3'0" 

Weight: 10 lb

Colour: Powder blue

Eye colour: Light blue


Humeen food: Strawberry yogurt and animal crackers

Hobbies and activities: Dancing, cooking, singing, tea

Things: Flowers

First appearance: Episode 01: Weather or Not

Lil 'P's Bio

Lil ‘P is one of the main characters of The Fairy Penguinos. Lil ‘P is a Fairy Penguino who lives in the Fairy Penguino Tribe of New Zealand, arriving here during the research mission. Specifically, Lil ‘P is part of the Builder Tribe, where they are responsible of the general upkeep and maintenance of the entire Fairy Penguino society.


When it comes to Fairy Penguinos, Lil ‘P is of average height. Lil ‘P’s weight is a little skinny in Fairy Penguino averages, weighing less than the average of other Fairy Penguinos. Lil 'P eats a lot but nothing can be helped with a speedy metabolism!

Like all Fairy Penguinos, Lil ‘P sports a pastel feather color. Lil ‘P is a powder blue with white underbelly. Lil 'P appears blue anyways, but their true color is cyan. Fairy Penguinos can see more colors. Lil ‘P has a little hair-do that sticks out from the right side, and three round bangs that slant to the left.

Lil ‘P sometimes wears a sweater during the colder months (June to September in Southern Hemisphere). The sweater is a cherry red knit jumper with two heart buttons. 


Like all Fairy Penguinos, Lil ‘P is highly intelligent. But compared to others within the Builder Tribe, Lil ‘P has just an ounce more sensitivity and calmness within. Most of Lil ‘P’s closest cousins believe this is due to Lil ‘P spending a lot of time with Gurry, who is from the Nursing Tribe.

Thanks to Lil ‘P’s sensitive nature, Lil ‘P is able to channel some of that energy into other activities that generally a specific Tribe might not get involved in. Lil ‘P loves to dance and sing, even though Lil 'P is not the best at it compared to the Joker Tribe. Despite this, Lil ‘P never gives up on learning to get better and uses much of the free time after Builder activities to practice dancing and singing.

Lil 'P's red knit sweater with heart buttons ACE Illust.

One thing Lil ‘P loves to do during downtime is to cook a mini feast whenever Luther and Bell come over during the evenings. Lil ‘P makes sure it’s once every week to retain that specialness. Lil ‘P and Bell get into a little bickering because Lil ‘P likes to take their time cooking the food slowly throughout the day until the twinkling night has arrived. Lil ‘P also enjoys cooking tea, something they learned by spending a lot of time with Gurry, who is known to love hibiscus tea. Generally, Lil ‘P likes to make a calm herbal team to keep friends relaxed, calm and soothed during their stay and leave with good feelings and a full belly.

Lil ‘P prefers the day over the night, compared to Bell, but Lil ‘P sometimes wishes the day time would be a little quiet. Lil 'P prefers a quiet setting because Lil ‘P, as mentioned above, is a little sensitive. Thus, Lil ‘P is more sensitive around noises, especially if they get too loud.

Within the Fairy Penguino Tribe, Lil ‘P is beloved by all because The Fairy Penguinos view Lil 'P as a symbol of broadening horizons, which is a positive trait among the Tribe.

Lil ‘P’s Hut

Each hut is integral to every Fairy Penguino. Lil 'P prefers to live in their own hut, but nearly every day invites over any Penguino, especially Luther and Bell. Lil 'P keeps the hut clean and tidy and you won't even find a crumb on the floor (maybe after a feast). Flowers in magickal glass vases adorn the hut and Lil 'P makes sure to change once every several days, but carefully places the previous day's flowers back into the soil of the Earth. 

Lil 'P has a very blue themed hut, all built by Lil 'P's own flippers. Of course the textiles, tapestries and woodwork was made by Lil 'P's cousins and friends but all Fairy Penguinos share with each other. The floor has a "scale" appearance to it, because Lil 'P loves the ocean on Earth and wanted to replicate this.

Lil 'P's door has a symbol of a giant blue surface fish

Lil 'P loves having a neat room

For Lil 'P's hut, the kitchen area is directly on the opposite side of Lil 'P's sleeping + living room as seen above. From the entrance point of view as seen in the picture above, it's to the right, whereas the sleeping and living area are to the left.