Every Fairy Penguinos comes from a tribe, even though they are all related to one another. Through tribes, they are able to organize how close they are to certain kin and the innate skills and talents each Fairy Penguin has. But there are exceptions. Some Fairy Penguinos, like Tyco and Bell may be from different tribes but they are still closer cousins than others.

Tribes first manifested in the early societal growth of the Fairy Penguinos on their home planet in the Whirlpool Galaxy. The Fairy Penguinos realized that staying close through shared talents and complimentary skills with Fairy Penguinos from another tribe created a balanced society that could push through any challenges put forth, gluing the entire Fairy Penguino society together. Through centuries, evolution and growth, the tribes have become the shining pride of the Fairy Penguino society and without this familial community in place, they wouldn't have gotten as far as they have.

Each tribe has their own unique symbol that is communicated visually and telepathically. When Fairy Penguinos communicate telepathically, they simply bring forth the image or symbol of the tribe and the other Penguino will understand immediately. It just takes a split second to conjure the symbol. Because there are many tribes of Fairy Penguinos, just thinking of an image of what that tribe encompasses is good enough for the other Penguino to understand.

With the Southern Hemisphere Research Group, there are only a minimal amount of tribes and these were the tribes that were chosen that would be best suited for researching and adventuring the Earth.


Lil 'P is from the Builders Tribe.
The symbol of the Builders tribe is a pillar with the
Fairy Penguino's universal symbol of engineering in the center.


Bell comes from the Magick Tribe, but seems to be in their own world half the time so Bell seems to not think too much about tribes. The symbol of the Magick Tribe is a triangle
balancing on a scale.


Luther is a Jokers Tribe Fairy Penguino.
This symbol is the universal circle which the Penguinos associate with friendliness and togetherness. The ovals intersecting each other symbolize innovation.