Gurry loves tea!

Gurry's debut is in Episode 4! Gurry is from the Nurser Tribe and is also one of the older and larger Fairy Penguinos. Gurry provides much needed advice and support for the trio. Lately, Gurry has known about the trio's desires to build a spaceship. So Gurry decides to teach Lil 'P, Bell and Luther about physics on Earth.

Since the Fairy Penguinos stuck on New Zealand have weaker magickal abilities, Gurry explains it's important for them to harness and understand the limitations humeens are under and to use these humeen physics in conjunction with their powers. Gurry thinks this will help them make a successful spaceship to leave Earth and look for the Mothership.

Gurry wants to teach the trio, P-nglish, which to the Fairy Penguinos, are the ideas the humeenos use for their own scientific cosmic escapades but compressed for Penguino understanding at the same time. With their notebooks together, Gurry begins to teach the crucial words in P-nglish to Bell, Luther and Lil 'P.

Gathering around for lessons on P-nglish

Gurry and the other older Fairy Penguinos have a good understanding of it

Math. It's all done in their heads

Gurry explains humeens use noombers but the Fairy Penguinos don't need them because when it comes to technology and science, the Fairy Penguinos are already calculating in their mind, without the express need for noombers (due to years of advancement in their civilization).

Gurry begins to set forth the word they discovered known as "Universal Laws".

There is gravity. Gurry demonstrates this by asking Luther to get on the table and then jump. Luther immediately falls flat on the floor.

The next law Gurry teaches is force. Gurry uses a little magick (showing that they can combine their magick with the tenants of humeen universal laws) and directs it towards Bell's head. Bell was a little peeved, but the trio now understand what force is. Both an understanding of gravity and force will help the trio get back into space!

It's to be reckoned with when Fairy Penguinos are in the mix!

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