Ever since arriving in the Town of Anemone since their fateful encounter with a parallel void, the trio have been making their names known in town, doing odd jobs here and there. Currently, they stay in the guest living quarters of the library. Bell spends time studying magickal spells, which are far different than the magick they're used to in their home dimension, and Sir P studies the art of protection in the book, Armour and Seaside Magick Spells. Luther acquires all the jobs for the trio and this time Luther thinks they've got one really good with a nice reward! Find the fishmonger's pearl!

Bell is at the library with Sir P. They are allowed to stay at the library temporarily, and they've brouht some of their belongings they had on the ship, as well as traded some to the local librarian. The trio have been pouring into the varied library, learning vigorously about the land, language and magickal spells.

Luther barges in, shocking and annoying Bell! Luther has a wanted poster - a way to make money! The fishmonger has lost a very special blue glowing pearl.

A hefty reward for anyone willing to enter the Seaside Cavern!

They decide to pursue the Fishmonger's Pearl! Not before Sir P will finish reading a book on defensive knighting, of course.


Sir P (Lil 'P)

Fish Scale Armor (Base)
Cape of Water River (Base)
Tunic of Floating (Base)


Strength 8
Constitution 7
Willpower 5
Speed 4
Magick 3

Jester Luther

Bear Helmet of Speed (Base)
Gold Threaded Vest (Base)
Boots of Jungle (Base)


Strength 4
Constitution 5
Willpower 5
Speed 8
Magick 6

Sorcerer Bell

The Quilted Crown (Base)
Falling Star Robes (Base)
Scarlet Threaded Handkerchief (Base)

Strength 3
Constitution 6
Willpower 3
Speed 2
Magick 9