Age: Around 579 years old

Birth Planet:

Sun sign: ♉ Taurus

Tribe: Joker

Height: 3'3"

Weight: 16 lb

Colour: Light gray

Eye colour: Red-brown



Hobbies and activities: Dancing, playing, astronomy, reading

Things: Globe, pillows and bear PJ's

First appearance: Episode 01: Weather or Not

Luther's Bio

Luther is from the Joker Tribe, a tribe that is great at being hosts and providing fun entertainment and activities for all Fairy Penguinos. They are particular good at hosting light shows and turning light on and off with just the power of their magickal minds, charged up.


Luther is in between the height of Bell and Lil 'P. Luther has a reddish tint to the beak and feet compared to other Fairy Penguinos. It's unknown why but that probably influenced Luther's decision to wear maroon bear PJ's all the time on Earth.

Luther has red-brown eyes and gray fur just like Gurry (but they are from different tribes).

Luther's Bear Pajamas

Luther loves the bear PJ's. Luther wants to be protected on Earth as well as being warm, so when Luther saw early telescopic views of Earth, before the Penguinos planned to go there, Luther saw various species of animals and admired the bear the most because Luther thinks bears look cute and cool!

With the help of Gurry and other Nursers, Luther was able to sew the bear PJ's with the two buttons. The buttons on Luther's bear PJ's are the same colour as Bell and Lil 'P, Luther's dear best friends. It's a symbolic gesture that Luther always has best buds Lil 'P and Bell nearby Luther's heart at all times.


If Bell is quirky, and Lil 'P is dutiful, then Luther is the joyous and excitable one of the group. Just like Luther's friends, Luther is immensely curious, but the curiosity is very kinesthetic. Luther moves around a lot and does the best when touching objects to understand how they work. But because Luther's bear PJ's are so heavy, Luther gets clumsy and sometimes trips, breaking things ... dropping things ... just making a disaster sometimes. Lil 'P has suggested knitting the bear PJ's in a lighter material, but Luther is very attached to THE bear PJ's.

Luther gets attached to any object that somehow forms a bond with due to interest. The Globe as seen in Episode 1: Weather or Not, Luther wanted to make a weather/constellation show to showcase the Globe and how humeens should use the strength of the constellations to guide them in their lives.

The Fairy Penguinos on Earth miss their time in space, so they revere the sky. The Globe is a manifestation of Luther's love for astronomy and the heavens above. Luther put some of the Southern Hemisphere constellations on the globe, and is able to make it glow with the intense mind bond Luther has with the Globe.

During Luther's day-to-day, Luther often practices dancing to exercise all the energy stored inside. Many Fairy Penguinos can see Luther dancing in one of the Plume Flower gardens one of the Nursers is growing. Luther doesn't like to stray too far away when practicing dancing. Along with that, Luther being from the Joker tribe, can levitate objects fairly easily with all of the physical energy within. Luther can't levitate for too long without losing too much energy. But Luther tries hard and is a very disciplined Penguino despite the clumsiness.

When it's time for a big tribe party, Luther is always one of the main dancers for the Plumed Dance. Every Penguino enjoys the dance moves of Luther and the Globe Luther brings out to levitate above the heads of all Penguinos and glow brightly for several minutes at a time.

Luther also has a capricious side. Bell usually triggers this because Bell likes to joke around with Luther a lot. When Luther is in a capricious mode, Luther's mood usually goes into down-mode, but it's a natural response for Luther to retain the energy that was expended when Luther was excited. Because of this, Luther gets tired at night and winds down quicker than all the other Penguinos. But the next day, Luther wakes up with vigor and ready for a new day.

Luther loves to eat fruits. In Episode 2: What's Cooking?, Luther was late to the dinner because Luther wanted to pick the finest fruit. Luther would be very complimented to hear someone say, "Fruit connoisseur" <a fruit expert>.

Luther's Hut

Luther's Hut hasn't been shown in any episodes so far. But just like all living quarters in the Fairy Penguinos community, Luther's Hut is much the same in structure, just with their own quality and style to it. Luther likes earthy colours mixed with neon or bright bold colours (it's one reason why Luther loves the globe so much).

Luther's Hut is also a little smaller than other Penguino huts because Luther likes cozy places where curling up in a blanket makes it all the more homey. More information on Luther's hut will be filled out!