Lil 'P's Dance Exercise 💃

Lil 'P loves dancing. Lil 'P made some headbands for Bell and Luther, and gathered the two together to put on a dance regime! Lil 'P has their own specially coreographed dance called "Supernova". It took awhile for the three to sync up, since Bell doesn't dance at all and Luther dances more chaotically! In the end, they made it and they want everyone to watch, follow along and learn the Supernova~ 🌠

Dance Steps!

To do Lil 'P's Dance:
3️⃣Nova Charge

Luther is here with their Bear Bandana!

Bell is ready with their Alien Green Antenna Banadana!

Shake the muscles in your body. The Supernova requires a lot of warm-up. Jump up and down till you get excited!

Max Energy Output achieved - Let's go on to utilizing it to further charge up for the Supernova!

Move on to reaching! Reach the sky, like you're holding the stars. Fairy Penguinos live by space motifs because they do so much voyaging outside of their planets, so channel your inner universe within too to unleash that dormant energy! Touch the stars~!

Ready for the DANCE!?

Stars and moons follow in the stage background~

Remember to sway and move your heads from left to right!