Space Travelers

Cruiser class of ship seen in Fairy Penguinos of the Round Episode 1. Lil 'P, Bell and Luther were making  a small drive through their solar system.

What are Fairy Penguinos?

The Fairy Penguinos are an alien species that live in the Whirlpool Galaxy (see Origins). They are small, intelligent, organic life forms that have magic and psychic abilities. 

The specialty of The Fairy Penguinos is that they are a space traveler species. Voyagers. Although not every Fairy Penguino goes on space travels (some prefer to stay within their solar system and not stray too many light years away when traveling around), many do. In the perspective of the Fairy Penguino species, space travel is going 8 light years+ from their home. Space travel is relatively safe, even for long distances, because the Fairy Penguinos have been traveling for thousands and thousands of years and have an expertise in this.

Voyagers Beyond the Speed of Light

Certain groups of Fairy Penguinos join voyages to discover new places in the universe. The Fairy Penguinos have special mode of transportation which allows them to reach distant areas in much less time. This technology is embedded in their spaceships. The Penguinos believe the universe is mapped out on a coordinate system in which if you have the coordinates you can easily transport or in a sense, teleport, in that specific location or nearby that location if the exact coordinate is too muddled from strange energy within the universe's voids.  This mode of transport is only used for extremely distant areas and sometimes isn't always successful as the universe can be turbulent at times. From their travels to other galaxies and observation of other intelligent beings, they believe that other life forms have determined this as well.

The Northern and Southern Hemisphere  (Earth) Research Group

The Northern and Southern Hemisphere (Earth) Research Group - MWG (NSHERG-M) is a group of Fairy Penguinos from different parts of the solar system they live in. All Fairy Penguinos who chose to be part of this Research Group had to be surveyed and undertake various tests. Most Fairy Penguinos were not interested in traveling so far to the Milky Way Galaxy as there are more nearby objects of interest, being that the Milky Way Galaxy is in a different galaxy group, so the competition to be on the Research Group was not heavy. 

Scientists had already known about a mysterious planet similar to theirs in the Milky Way Galaxy, but it's so far away and even though they can travel quickly through the coordinates system, the further they are away the more risk there is for trouble to occur. But they pushed on with the idea. Before embarking, they improved on their invisibility techniques and then sent a small group organized into two, the Northern and Southern groups, on the Mothership (all Fairy Penguino spaceships are named Mothership but each Mothership has a specific symbol associated with it). The Mothership left after depositing the two groups and would come back in 20 years Earth time to collect both groups and the research. 

The purposes for these two groups is to discover and research planets with organic and intelligent life, but without making contact with the inhabitants or as little as possible if it can be helped. That's where the invisibility comes in handy. The humans on New Zealand or North America have no idea there are aliens. It's almost as if the Fairy Penguinos are operating under some sort of dimensional rift in which they experience the same reality as the humans do but without being visible or showing changes in the environment. Some sort of contained bubble in which the Fairy Penguinos can see the humans and what they do but the humans can't see them.

Lil 'P, Bell, Luther, Tyco and Gurry were all on the Mothership and the trio became acquainted with their soon to be new family on the Southern Hemisphere of Earth. Tyco and Bell were from the same planet originally but Bell moved to the planet where Lil 'P, Luther and Gurry were from. Bell and Tyco were happy to see each other again because they are close cousins. Sorrowful farewells were given to those who had to been sent to the Northern Hemisphere, but they'd be in contact from time to time through large, group telepathy sessions.