February: Lil 'P's Dance Exercise
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Episodes and Videos from The Fairy Penguino YouTube Channel

Fairy Penguinos Update #1: Vtuber!
Newest updates on Fairy Penguinos world October 2022!

Fairy Penguinos Update #2: Count von Peecula!
Newest updates on Fairy Penguinos world October 2022!

Fairy Penguinos of the Round Episode 3: Seaside Cavern
In the newest episode of FPotR, Sir 'P, Luther and Bell have reached Anemone Cavern (Seaside Cavern) and will start their search for the missing pearl, as from the quest Luther found in town! What will they find in this episode and in part II (the next episode)?

Fairy Penguinos Update #3:
Winter Update 2023!

Episode 5: Contact

Bell uses the P-Quency machine to make contact with the aliens. Will Bell be successful?

Episode 4: P-nglish

Introducing new character Gurry! Gurry teaches Bell, Luther and Lil 'P about           P-nglish which will help with the spaceship!

Episode 3: Bell's Blueprints

Bell introduces Lil 'P and Luther the Marshmallow Car! One step towards building a spaceship! 🚀 

Upcoming new video!

Works Schedule 2023
New season planning:
Estimate episode 6 of Fairy Penguinos: Spring 202
Fairy Penguinos of the Round Episode 4: Spring 2023
Videos Schedule:
Winter Update 2/4/2023
Lil 'P's Message on AI to Humans 2/10/2023
Lil 'P's Dance Exercise: Q1 2023
Artworks Schedule:
💕's  Day 2/14/2023
Fairy Penguinos Episode 5: Contact promo art
Space Promo Art
Possibly October 2023

🌙 Updates . . .

February 2, 2023: I wrote a new Medium article after a few months. Check it out! It's about the Joker Tribe
February 1, 2023: Two new VTuber videos in work  - Winter update video will be released end of this week, God willing, and Lil 'P is making a statement on AI for humeens.  I have also put a disclaimer at the bottom of the footer here  stating, "All artwork, concepts and writing on this website are NOT AI generated" . With the proliferation of AI across all industries throughout the world, I think it's important to note this. Thank you for all understanding.

January 17, 2023: New winter art for Fairy Penguinos
Winter video update coming soon~
January 3, 2023: The Fairy Penguinos HQ has moved from 🇺🇸 ➡️ 🇬🇧
The move is complete and Fairy Penguinos PC has been set up. Ready to continue animating and updating. The Penguinos almost LOST the Google account, which had everything important, but fortunately had it set up on the phone still, so it was possible to log in! Be careful when moving and having 2FA on!

➡️ Past Updates 📋

Lil 'P's Vtuber model

🖼️ Latest Art 🎨