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September 2022: LIL 'P VTUBER IS IN THE WORKS~
September 2022: Lil 'P Dance Exercise video in the works
July 4th 2022: Fairy Penguinos of the Round Ep 3 complete! πŸŽ† πŸ¦…
Fairy Penguino NFTs Collection #1 Space Penguino in Works

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Episodes and Videos from The Fairy Penguino YouTube Channel

Fairy Penguinos of the Round Episode 3: Seaside Cavern
In the newest episode of FPotR, Sir 'P, Luther and Bell have reached Anemone Cavern (Seaside Cavern) and will start their search for the missing pearl, as from the quest Luther found in town! What will they find in this episode and in part II (the next episode)?

Episode 5: Contact

Bell uses the P-Quency machine to make contact with the aliens. Will Bell be successful?

Episode 4: P-nglish

Introducing new character Gurry! Gurry teaches Bell, Luther and Lil 'P about P-nglish which will help with the spaceship!

Episode 3: Bell's Blueprints

Bell introduces Lil 'P and Luther the Marshmallow Car! One step towards building a spaceship! πŸš€

Upcoming new video!

Works Schedule 2022
Lil 'P's Dance Exercise video: By end of year
Lil 'P Vtuber: October 2022

New season planning:
Estimate episode 6 of Fairy Penguinos: Spring 2023 (?)
Fairy Penguinos of the Round Episode 4: Spring 2023

Artworks Schedule:
Halloween Pic: By October 31, 2022
Fairy Penguinos Episode 5: Contact promo art: By October 31, 2022
Space Promo Art: By November 2022
Sir P of Fairy Penguinos of the Round Animated Stats (for use in FPoTR: Episode 4): By October 31, 2022

πŸŒ™ Updates . . .

September 23, 2022: The Dance Exercise video is going smoothly God willing. Make sure to check out the Medium for the updates! I've also been working on Lil 'P as a VTUBER. (Finally got the hang of the program) This way Lil 'P will make update videos and more!!!
September 12, 2022:
Promo art of Lil 'P Dance Exercise has been uploaded. Exciting to finish the animation!
I will be making RU subtitles for Fairy Penguinos episodes. (I am bilingual so that's why I chose Russian) They'll be added to the existing YouTube videos and will be uploaded to Rutube . Also will be uploading the Penguinos to Vimeo.

September 5, 2022:
After long decision of thinking, I won't use TikTok to post Fairy Penguinos because I prefer Medium. The format of TikTok is not suitable to horizontal videos and the Fairy Penguinos must be enjoyed in more than 5-10 second clips. Let's support longer videos-higher quality instead of quantity and lower content.

September 2, 2022: Happy September! I can feel fall in the air.
I updated the character's page and fixed the weight and height of the Penguinos. They're taller and the weight makes a little more sense now.

August 29, 2022:
I forgot to mention I made a Medium page


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