September: P DANCE EXERCISE completed
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Episodes and Videos from The Fairy Penguino YouTube Channel

Fairy Penguinos Update #7:
The progress on Lil 'P's Dance Exercise animation shown by Lil 'P!

Fairy Penguinos of the Round Episode 3: Seaside Cavern
In the newest episode of FPotR, Sir 'P, Luther and Bell have reached Anemone Cavern (Seaside Cavern) and will start their search for the missing pearl, as from the quest Luther found in town! What will they find in this episode and in part II (the next episode)?

Episode 5: Contact

Bell uses the P-Quency machine to make contact with the aliens. Will Bell be successful?

Episode 4: P-nglish

Introducing new character Gurry! Gurry teaches Bell, Luther and Lil 'P about P-nglish which will help with the spaceship!

Episode 3: Bell's Blueprints

Bell introduces Lil 'P and Luther the Marshmallow Car! One step towards building a spaceship! 🚀 

Works Schedule 2023
New season planning:
Estimate Episode 6 of Fairy Penguinos
Fairy Penguinos of the Round Episode 4
Videos Schedule:
Lil 'P and Bell Vtuber Special September 2023
Lil 'P's Message on AI to Humans sometime 2023
Bell vs. Lil 'P Hokuto no Ken
Artworks Schedule:
Space Promo Art no. 2 September 2023
Halloween October 2023
Lil 'P's Dance Exercise: Completed July 25
Released September 11, 2023
Space Promo Art no. 1 Completed August 2023
Summer Art Completed August 2023
Brochure  Completed Spring 2023
Tyco Summer into Fall Completed September 2023

Lil 'P's Vtuber model

🌙 Updates . . .

September 12: Yesterday,  Lil 'P's Dance Exercise was uploaded to YouTube! We are all happy it is complete and hope everyone enjoys Lil 'P's dancing!
August 30: New Penguino art, this time for the novel cover art. It will be a print! The music for Lil 'P's Dance Exercise is complete and now we add to the video and will upload it!
August 11: A new Fairy Penguino artwork is done since there is now time to work on it~ Penguino Market Life
July 27: Lil 'P's Dance Exercise animation is complete!

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