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Episodes and Videos from The Fairy Penguino YouTube Channel

Spring Update!
Lil 'P goes over episode 6 production and conventions!

Fairy Penguinos Luther's Ghostly Fright Part 3:
Luther and Count von Peecula traverse the Time Mansion, Will they meet the Ghost from the Mirror? The Conclusion!

Fairy Penguinos Luther's Ghostly Fright Part 2:
Count von Peecula gives Luther bat wings!

Works Schedule 2024
🎐New season planning:
Episode 6 of Fairy Penguinos Parts I and II - in works February 2024
Episode 7  Parts I and II - planned
Episode 8 Parts I and II - planned
🎥Videos Schedule:
Episode 6 Part I - May 2024
Episode 6  Part II -
Episode 7 -
🎨Artworks Schedule:
Capital Feegee's Mothership Design
Original Plushies of Lil 'P, Bell and Luther - April, 2024
June 1st,  Make & Mend Market, Newcastle, UK
August 3rd, Make & Mend Market, Newcastle, UK
March 13th, Chibi Sunnycon Sunderland, UK
🟣Luther's Ghostly Fright Part II  - January Complete
🟣Logo renewal - January Complete
🟣Character promo art renewal Lil 'P, Bell - January Complete
🟣Character promo art renewal Luther - February Complete
🟣Character promo art renewal Tyco - February Complete
🟣Character promo art renewal Gurry - February Complete
🟣Luther's Ghostly Fright Part III - February, 2024 Complete
🟣Informational Brochure - March 25,  2024 Complete
🟣Spring Art - March 26, 2024 Complete

Lil 'P's Vtuber model

🌙 Updates . . .

April 27, 2024: Informational Brochures are complete! They will be handed out during Fairy Penguino convention appearances and more~!
April 17, 2024: New vtuber update episode! Lil 'P discusses production on episode 6 and conventions~
April 10, 2024: Episode 6 video in production. Capital Feegee's spaceship is also being designed, check it out soon!~
March 26, 2024: Spring art! Tyco and Lil 'P celebrating Spring weather on their planet, Lapazul
March 25, 2024: Fairy Penguinos Informational Brochure  is complete - Printing to begin
Sir P, Sorcerer Bell and Jester Luther pinup art has been modified!
March 23, 2024: Episode 6 project has begun! Brochures for conventions will also be printed~
March 6, 2024: The Fairy Penguinos of the Round episode pages have been updated with screenshots and a general layout update. FPoTR episode 3 page is complete~
Added episode 6 and 7 to the episode page.
February 28, 2024:  Lil 'P's Dance Exercise page updated with the synopsis and pictures~
February 27, 2024: New logo, new promo art on all character pages! Luther's Ghostly Fright Ep 3 is complete as well!

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🖼️ Latest Art 🎨