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July 25th 2022: Lil 'P Dance Exercise video in the works
July 4th 2022: Fairy Penguinos of the Round Ep 3 complete! πŸŽ† πŸ¦…
Fairy Penguino NFTs Collection #1 Space Penguino in Works

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Fairy Penguinos of the Round Episode 3: Seaside Cavern
In the newest episode of FPotR, Sir 'P, Luther and Bell have reached Anemone Cavern (Seaside Cavern) and will start their search for the missing pearl, as from the quest Luther found in town! What will they find in this episode and in part II (the next episode)?

Episode 5: Contact

Bell uses the P-Quency machine to make contact with the aliens. Will Bell be successful?

Episode 4: P-nglish

Introducing new character Gurry! Gurry teaches Bell, Luther and Lil 'P about P-nglish which will help with the spaceship!

Episode 3: Bell's Blueprints

Bell introduces Lil 'P and Luther the Marshmallow Car! One step towards building a spaceship! πŸš€

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New Season
New season of Fairy Penguinos is in the works. We'll get to see Bell finish the marshmallow car. Will The Fairy Penguinos find contact with the Mothership or maybe even aliens!?

Lil 'P Exercise Dance video in the works

July 25, 2022: New artwork for Episode 4 P-nglish! 1 more promo art to go
July 21, 2022:
The Tribe Symbols page is complete for all main character Penguinos. I added Diver and Nurser tribe symbol!
July 11, 2022:
I made new Fairy Penguino Facts #5 art!
July 10, 2022:
Added new information on Penguino Cuisines under Life!
July 4th, 2022: Happy 4th of July and
Episode 3 of The Fairy Penguinos of the Round released finally!
June 28, 2022:
More new art and updated art of Episode 3. (regular series)

May 1st, 2022: Happy May 1st everyone! New art. Episode 3 of the Round is nearly complete. Final editing and it's ready.
April 25th, 2022:
New Fairy Penguinos facts art. They'll be posted on social media to help spread the info on Fairy Penguinos.

November 5th, 2020: The website is currently being constructed and new information is added every week. The goal of this website is to be like a wiki for The Fairy Penguinos with tons of backstory information, facts, art and more just for The Fairy Penguinos and fans to reference.

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